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Chef's Table

Sitting at the Chef's Table is always a special experience.

Chef Julian Richert periodically invites everyone to enjoy a meal together. Alongside his sous chefs Jan Grunzig and Christian Hecker, he puts an evening full of taste sensations together for you.

Here you will enjoy fine quality Nordic cuisine served over a variety of 8 courses. Look forward to refined regional specialties from the finest local products, from Husumer Deichlamm (lamb) to Steinbutt (flounder), Flusskrebs (crayfish) to Koklaender Butterhänchen (chicken), all garnished to perfection with seasonal herbs.

Alongside the courses, we serve 8 enthralling wines, which were hand-selected from exciting vine source varieties. You can happily anticipate trying a Malbec from the bodegas of Salentein or a white chardonnay from Pfalz. The bottles of wine remain on the table, so that you can experiment and drink to your heart’s desire, whatever you in the mood to do.

As an essential thing, water is of course included at the Chef’s Table. While you are enjoying coffee or a digestif, Julian also likes to come to sit with you guys at the table to talk shop. And who ever so desires, can let the evening ring out being totally relaxed at the fireplace or on the terrace.

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